Zeleros begins construction in Sagunto to demonstrate its hyperloop technology for ports

by | 6. July 2022

  • Zeleros lays the first stone of the test track for the SELF-Booster, a pilot project that will demonstrate Zeleros’ hyperloop technology and its application to automated and fully electric container handling.

    The project will become fully operational by end 2022 and is set to accelerate Zeleros’ hyperloop development, while launching a new product, SELF, that is aligned with the growing needs to optimize and decarbonize freight logistics in ports and hinterlands.

Valencia, Spain. 2nd July, 2022.

ZELEROS, the European company building the scalable hyperloop, has laid today the first stone of the SELF-Booster, a pilot project conceived to both demonstrate in pre-commercial conditions one of Zeleros’ relevant technologies for hyperloop -the linear motor- and to propose an autonomous fully-electric system to optimize the flow of containers within ports: the SELF system.

Zeleros, the European pioneer in the hyperloop arena, has raised strong public and private industrial support to accelerate the development of the key technologies that will make hyperloop a reality to connect cities at 1000km/h with zero direct emissions.

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