Is It Finally Time For High-Speed Hyperloop Transportation?

by | 30. November 2022

Transport needs to be decarbonized at every level if we are to meet climate goals. One of the most effective ways to reduce the emissions from midrange travel distances is via electric trains, but even the fastest locomotives are quite slow by plane standards. This is the problem the ultrafast Hyperloop was intended to fix, and recent developments could be bringing it closer to a reality again. One proponent of the idea, Hyperloop Transport Technologies (TT), has acquired the financial tools it needs to move to the next stage of development.

HyperloopTT recently entered a merger agreement with Forest Road Acquisition Corp. II (NYSE: FRXB), the SPAC of ex-Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs. The joint company will trade as HYPE. This has valued the combined company at around $400 million, with the potential to hit $565 million. However, HyperloopTT isn’t a traditional corporation making products. It has been amassing patents, trademarks and technologies relating to the levitation, propulsion and near-vacuum tube transportation required to make the hyperloop idea happen.

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