Ready for another deep dive into the cutting-edge world of Hyperloop?

by | 22. November 2023

Dato: 22. November 2023
17:00 - 18:00

Join us for the upcoming Hyperloop Seminar session next Wednesday 22nd of November from 17:00 to 18:00 CET, featuring an expert speaker unveiling their groundbreaking projects in Hyperloop technology.

🎙️ Speaker : Lotte Goudswaard – Consultant at PA Consulting
Topic: “The market potential of hyperloop: A discrete choice experiment regarding the impact of hyperloop design on preferences and mode choice for long-distance transport within Europe at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol”

This thesis examines the impact of the design of hyperloop on its competitive position compared to short-haul flights and high-speed rail in the transport market for long-distance travel within Europe. It does so by investigating the case for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s (AAS) that aims to become a multimodal hub and accommodate growing passenger demand while adhering to flight movement restrictions. The study employs discrete choice modeling and a stated preference experiment to assess the impact of different hyperloop design parameters on its potential market share within Europe, also providing insight in the key design parameters for a competitive hyperloop design.

🗓️ Mark your calendar and join us for this insightful seminar next Wednesday 22nd of November from 17h-18h CET.

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