Hyperloop and Hyperconnected Europe – Introductory webinar

by | 20. October 2022

Dato: 20. October 2022
16:00 - 17:00

With the publication of the vision paper in July, the potential of hyperloop in Europe has been outlined. This new, future-proof mode of transport could replace twothirds of European flights and 20% of long-distance truck transport, resulting in an annual reduction of CO2 emissions of 113 to 242 million tonnes per annum and bringing Green Deal goals within reach.

Hyperloop will connect cities, bring European citizens and businesses closer together in a high-speed and resilient transport nework that is safe, silent, climate neutral, and relatively easy to integrate into the existing urban fabric. It can facilitate the expected growth in transport and relieve pressure on existing modalities such as road, rail and air.

Being supported by already 10 cities and regions across Europe, the Hyperconnected Europe initiative is set to grow and further explore the potential of this new mode of transport for goods and passengers.

On October 20, 16.00-17.00h Central European Time, the public-private ‘Hyperloop Development Program’, will organize an introductory webinar for any city or region in Europe that wants to learn more about hyperloop, the state of the industry, and the Hyperconnected Europe initaitive.

This free, 1-hour webinar will also feature the results of the vision paper that sets the outlines of a European hyperloop network and offer ample opportunity to ask questions to hyperloop specialists.

You can register for the webinar here>>