Embassy of Denmark in the Netherlands: how do we secure efficient and sustainable transportation – now and in the future?

by | 2. November 2023

A delegation from the Danish The Danish Parliament – Folketinget Transport Committee visited The Netherlands this week, to hear some of the ideas and experiences in this densely populated country.
Here are some highlights:

Utrecht central station is the nerve centre in The Netherlands when it comes to trains. Nederlandse Spoorwegen and ProRail shared their experiences with motivating citizens to combine train and bicycle. Did you know Utrecht has the biggest underground bicycle parking in the world?

The modernisation and simplification of the infrastructure on the trains were also highlighted in Utrecht. This has proven to improve punctuality – more than 90 percent of all trains in The Netherlands are on time!

Imagine: traveling from Rotterdam, The Netherlands to Aarhus, Denmark in under 3 hours, without having to change. This is not something that belongs to the future! This is the vision of Hardt Hyperloop.

How do we decrease our carbon footprint and the amount of traffic in a city and increase safety and liveability? Yes, all at the same time. The delegation visited Stadslogistiek – a logistics hub at the outskirts of Gemeente Den Haag. Big trucks bring goods to the hub. From there, emission free vans are fully loaded with goods that are then delivered to several companies in the city center. The vans do not return empty, but bring back garbage.

Denmark and The Netherlands are both doing well when it comes to charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles, but there was still ample to talk about with Nationale Agenda Laadinfrastructuur. Like challenges with the electrical grid.

In a rainy Alphen aan den Rijn the delegation met with Zero Emission Services to hear about their battery containers. These containers are hoisted onto an inland ship and enables it to sail emission free, saving 1000 tons of Co2 per year.

Tuesday evening, the delegation continued on to Hamburg – by train, naturally – where they were met by our colleagues from The Trade Council of Denmark in Germany.

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