Denmark’s Potential Role In Nordic Hyperloop Solutions

by | 13. December 2022

Jesper Østergaard of 4-Leaf consulting in Denmark, whom I have talked sustainable transport with occasionally, has started focusing on how the Hyperloop technology could be applicable for Denmark and connecting Copenhagen better to the capitals in the Nordics and with continental Europe. The idea came to him at a point where the discussion of the so-called Kattegat-connection had been going on for so long that new ideas might be helpful. So, a new organization was formed — — to help spread the word on Hyperloop in Denmark. The discussion has been going on in Norway and Sweden for a few years, but in Denmark it seemed to have passed by without notice to many people.

Now, before I present Jesper Østergaard’s view of Hyperloop and how it might be used in Denmark and the Nordics, here’s a map of our small country with the proposed new Kattegat-connection in red. Connections being built right now are in yellow, and existing connections are in green. Current connections are combinations of bridges and tunnels for vehicles and trains.

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