Building Europe’s first passenger-size hyperloop demonstrator

by | 8. June 2023

Welcome to the first issue of Building a Passenger Hyperloop! Every fortnight we will offer you a glimpse into our journey of building Europe’s first passenger-size hyperloop test segment. We will be sharing exclusive insights about our technology, the impact hyperloop will have on future passenger transportation, and unique behind-the-scenes content. Stay tuned for the coming months!

Developing hyperloop for passenger transport

Two years ago, we made a promise – to make hyperloop a reality, and with it, fundamentally redefine how we move in the future. After four years of competing on a global stage we went back to the drawing board to develop a revolutionary new vision and concept, to achieve one goal – developing hyperloop for passengers.

Our hyperloop demonstrator is the first segment of an extensive testing strategy, intended for developing and certifying core hyperloop systems and technologies. It includes a full-scale concrete vacuum tube and a passenger-size pod vehicle. The demonstrator is the first of its kind in Europe, certified for operation with passengers, allowing a glimpse into what a hyperloop system will look like. With the support of the Bavarian state government and their Hightech Agenda, the demonstrator is the key technology piece developed by the TUM Hyperloop Program at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

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