Brussels Welcomes The World’s First Hyperloop Association

by | 18. October 2023

Seven leading international hyperloop companies have gathered in Brussels with industry, institutions, and the research community to kick off The Hyperloop Association, the first organization committed to advancing the emerging hyperloop industry toward commercialization.

The association’s founding members, including H1, Hardt Hyperloop, HyperloopTT, Nevomo, Swisspod Technologies, TransPod, and Zeleros, held the inaugural ceremony in the epicenter of the European Union’s capital. During the event, they officially introduced the organization and extended an open invitation to global industry stakeholders and partners to join in its mission.

“We envision a future of transportation that is fast, efficient, and sustainable, one that unlocks new social and economic prospects, and empowers our global community. This vision has led us to unite under one voice, The Hyperloop Association, and create a global force for change. Together, we amplify our impact, fast-tracking hyperloop development to address the pressing transportation challenges we are facing today. We invite ecosystem players to join the association and collaborate in consolidating this rapidly growing industry”, said Ben Paczek, the President of The Hyperloop Association.

A Vote of Confidence from Visionary Leaders in European Transportation

During the event, renowned experts and thought leaders from the European Commission took center stage, delivering insightful keynote presentations, and shedding light on the future of hyperloop technology and the association’s pivotal role in advancing this technology that will support interoperability and global transportation.

“The Hyperloop Association is the first vertical association and sets a reference for future mobility innovation initiatives”, stated Isidro Laso, Cabinet member of EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valean.

Keir Fitch, Head of Rail Safety and Interoperability of The Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport DG MOVE at the European Commission said, “We have been working with promoters since 2018 and it is great to see the project evolving, the European Commission is working to provide a regulatory framework impact assessment of this innovative means of transport”.

“Hyperloop is in the European Commissions’ Europe Rail agenda and the creation of the association is seen as a key step forward for this transport ecosystem”, Judit Sandor, Hyperloop Project Officer at Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking, the main public-private European programme in rail innovation, pointed out.

A Unified Vision for the Future

The Hyperloop Association has set forth a comprehensive agenda aimed at addressing critical challenges within the industry while simultaneously seizing market opportunities. These challenges include regulatory compliance, securing funds for R&D and pilot projects, and strategic infrastructure planning. In parallel, the association aims to leverage mature developers, test-track progress, collaboration with Europe’s rail projects, and active participation in industry groups.

To fulfil its objectives, The Hyperloop Association is committed to assuming a leading role in the establishment of industry regulation and certification. Furthermore, it is dedicated to advocating for expedited funding to accelerate technological advancements, collaborating closely with organizations such as the European Commission’s DG MOVE, and standardization institutes to ensure the development of a secure, sustainable hyperloop governance framework.

The association is also dedicated to promoting intermodal collaboration with existing transportation modes, enhancing transportation network synergy to create a seamless and efficient transport ecosystem. Simultaneously, it seeks to raise awareness and disseminate information regarding the potential of hyperloop technology and its associated benefits through effective communication strategies.

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