8 visionary startups racing to make hyperloop travel a reality

by | 24. April 2022

Hyperloop is a concept for an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system, providing incredibly reduced travel times over medium-long distances and 100% electric operations. This mode of transportation is touted to have the potential of being a sustainable transportation solution in the near future. In a Hyperloop system, capsules or pods are placed in a partially evacuated tube and are accelerated to speeds found in aviation.

Initially, the hyperloop technology came into existence almost ten years since Elon Musk brought the concept to modern public consciousness in 2013. His company, Space X sponsored The Hyperloop Pod Competition, which spawned many ideas for the hyperloop technology in development. Some teams are scaling to become fully functional startups with funding from investors.

Despite these developments, there is yet to be a commercially available hyperloop and many companies are in the stealth mode. While we expect to see the hyperloop technology offered to the common people some years from now, here we at TFN have listed the hyperloop startups worldwide that are in the race.

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