1,000 KM/H! From Shanghai to Hangzhou in 9 minutes, China’s first hyper-high-speed rail is coming.

by | 10. January 2024

China has completed the main body of its first hyper-high-speed rail, which is the longest and largest full-scale ultra-high-speed low-vacuum tube maglev transportation system under construction in the world. With a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour, this hyperloop technology combines magnetic levitation and low vacuum to achieve ultra-high-speed operation. The rail is set to connect Shanghai and Hangzhou, reducing the travel time between the two cities to just 9 minutes. Contrary to concerns about safety, the hyperloop system offers advantages such as a fully enclosed track that eliminates disturbances, straight tracks that minimize turning risks, and a magnetic levitation drive that reduces mechanical failures. This makes the hyperloop a safer and more stable transportation option compared to traditional methods. The high-speed flying train is envisioned to be used for intercity travel between mega-city clusters in the future.

This youtube video looks into the current status for Hyperloop in China>>>